Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today, the cards...

This was my outcome card today-as usual, the Deviant Moon is spot on!  This Hermit always tells me that I need some time alone-time to figure things out...and that's just what I did!
The challenge was the Seven of Wands:
I saw this as me trying to find my way out of the madness that has become my life!  I have to beat the odds-and honestly, I don't know if that's really a possibility since it's not my behavior that I;m trying to improve!  We can't make someone act the way they should!
The theme of my day was the Five of Wands:
Sorry if you find this offensive but, my whole day has been a pissing match with a teenager!  No one really got hurt but, the battle was raging all day!
And finally, here is the Queen of Swords as the guide!  I must have channeled her today because I meant business!  Also, there is the sense of the isolation I feel when I have to deal with all of these struggles.  I do have bitter moments but, there are things that only I can do..I can love this child and still be tough when needed.  
Today is over and tomorrow is a brand new day!  

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