Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tower

Today I looked through my Touchstone deck by:  Kat Black and the Tower caught my eye.  There are no people falling from this tower and no lightning bolts.  There is a devil in the sky and a crown falling from the top of the tower. 
From the companion book:
The mighty can fall.  No riches can protect us from the hand of fate.  We build our walls, but they can crumble.  A storm will strike.  Chaos, upheaval, massive and unexpected change.
Reversed:  A house of cards.  The higher you build a façade, the weaker it is and the easier it will fall when calamity strikes.  It is time to tear it down and start again with a stronger foundation.
Card 16 –Keyword: Upheaval
(Page 52-53 Tarot Dynamics)
An opportunity to begin reconstructing certain aspects of your attitude and behavior that have been preventing you from making the most of yourself.
If you take this one step further, 1+6=7.
The number seven is the constructive or self-defeating manner in which you handle (or allow yourself to be handled) in your personal and professional relationships.  Something is going to need immediate attention with a seven. 
I have had this card warn me of an upcoming psychotic episode with my child.  On those occasions, I make sure that anything of value is put away where it can’t be broken.  In fact, this Tower card(especially the black devil) reminds me of how it really is when this is going on…I am watching from a distance as my child totally self destructs.  Each time this happens, we start over.   When I see this card (at this time in my life) I prepare for the worst. The Tower usually indicates that the “episode” will last longer than usual and be particularly sudden.  (I am not talking about a teenager who throws a temper tantrum here…for me, this means doors being ripped off hinges, windows broken, screaming that is unintelligible, once she stabbed herself in the palm with a fork.)  The final part, when I know it’s nearing the end, is escape.  She will run out the door, blindly it would seem, and walk very quickly. (By now the police are watching for her so she doesn’t get hit by a car.)  In the end, there is crying.  A lot of crying.  Now it’s over and we can start to work through the steps to rebuild and repair what has happened.
  Just a little observation I have made over the years…

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