Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who am I and What's Going On?

I just asked the Tarot these two questions because my life seems to be changing...change is often difficult but usually it's for the better.

And WHAT does that mean?

This is pretty interesting stuff...The Ace of Pentacles (Card 69) was just in my daily cards yesterday as the outcome and the Eight of Wands (Card 34) comes up a lot in my daily cards.  The Lovers (Card 6) hardly ever shows itself in my readings.  
Page 71 of Tarot Dynamics Gives an overview of the Aces.  Tarot Dynamics puts the Aces in with the Court Cards instead of being at the beginning of each suit.  Aces indicate a major or unique turning point in your life.  
Card 69 means: an opportunity that could fall into your lap or a dilemma that could prove to be a blessing in disguise-possibly even one of each!
The Eight of Wands: Card 34 Means:  at this time very few matters will follow prescribed guidelines and rules.  Expect the unexpected in yourself, matters and other people now.
The Lovers Card 6 is in the  "What does it all mean" position.  Card 6 means: an opportunity to repair whatever needs to be repaired or clarified in the hope that matters will run more efficiently and harmoniously.
I think maybe the Tarot is trying to tell me that I have the opportunity to do something dealing with money or a job but, it won't be a smooth ride - there is that hint of my temper here again!  The Lovers is telling me that I have some things to make right...I can't rely on my "charm" alone to change things for the better.  
I cannot be everything to everyone!  That sentence in Tarot Dynamics just jumped off the page at me.  I will need to think about this a little because there is something I am not seeing in this...I might even have to ask Anna Cook what she thinks of my three cards.  I have a nagging feeling I my own worst enemy?

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