Monday, November 22, 2010

Why are certain persons trying so hard to make me angry?

To make me miserable, to cause me stress, and to make me give up!  There, that was pretty straight forward now wasn’t it…now, WHY?
Well, Card 62 /8 is all about stability and peace of mind.  I suppose these people think that they can “shake” me…little do they know I am not going anywhere and I am not the kind to be scared off from anything I set my mind to doing.
 I asked for some guidance and I drew the MOON.
(This is funny; I just had a conversation about the Full Moon!)  I’m pretty sure this is telling me that I need to stay focused!  Don’t let emotional reactions or actions get me off course.  In other words…don’t get crazy with ideas of revenge!  This matches the advice given to me only hours ago!  “let it go”…so, that’s exactly what I will do!  

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