Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alec Satin! What a Great Show!

So, I just listened to the free class by Alec Satin on Tarot Today Radio-wowee…what a show this was.  Alec Satin has a wonderful teaching style-everyone unanimously agreed that we want more! More classes from Alec!  This was a great opportunity to “try it before you buy it” because Alec will be teaching more on the Tarot Guild…but, you’ll have to be a premium member to be included in these classes. (There is a Holiday Sale going on right now so, don’t wait!  Get the special discount now! )  Today we learned how to do a “Major’s Only Spread” and Alec wasn’t kidding when he said these are “Powerful”!  So, listen to the show and hear what Alec has to say about the Tarot!
  Now, if you don’t know who Alec Satin is, you can visit his Website at:  and from there you can also visit his Blog:
One of my favorite posts from Alec is:  this was the most practical advice I’ve ever read!
Take a few minutes and look at Alec’s site…listen to the show too!
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