Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking for a New Year Spread?

I recently asked Tarot Grandmaster Bonnie Cehovet if she knew of a New Year Spread to help me get some focus for 2011.  She suggested "Tarot Spread for the New Year" by:  The Gaian Soul Companion Book, Joanna Powell Colbert.  Please see the whole post at

Bonnie posted a great article on Tarot Elements about "A Time of Reflections" which includes two spreads.  See this post at:

I found the "Happy New Year Spread" at:  This spread has a printable download page that you can use for the lay out.

James Ricklef has a "New Year's Resolution Spread" in his book "TAROT Get the Whole Story".  Visit  for information about James and his books.

Hope you find this information helpful.
Happy Holidays!

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