Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tarot Dynamics: Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands :  Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza.

Card thirty-six means:  Endurance.  Your personal drive and motivations may be somewhat lackadaisical now.

In Tarot Dynamics there is a whole section on "subject cards". 

 Subject card number 10 represents ACHIEVEMENT.

"The element that rules the subject card indicates the manner in which you could create or cost yourself the outcome you desire."
Keyword: Change
"Wands indicate the type of impact that the changes you make and encounter will have upon matters."

The LWB for the Deviant Moon says:
Oppression.  Having a burden to bear, but being able to handle it.  Overwhelming stress.

Reading over these two very fine meanings for this card has forced me to ask myself why I've been doubting myself...I get the feeling that this card landed on my table because I've been dealing with some problems that seem to have no solution.  Maybe the solution is to simply "keep moving".  It's important to remain focused, let go of negative thinking and, don't spend time worrying about the things that can't be changed.  Unnecessary worry about the outcome is certainly not going to accomplish anything. I'm going to tape a little note to my refrigerator to remind me of my goals.  Maybe I will just use the image of the Ten of Wands...the load is heavy but, I can handle this.  

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