Friday, December 31, 2010

What card do you connect with for the New Year?

James Ricklef did a great Blog post about picking a card to represent the New Year.  I had been thinking on this same line but couldn’t come up with anything near as thorough as James!  Please see his article at:
After reading this, I spent some time thinking about where I am right now and of course, where I want to be going in 2011. 
James says:
“…the way to keep your resolutions is to deal with them one day at a time” I agree.  It also came to mind that this could be “Count your Blessings”; (in my case) this resonates strongly.
Unemployment is at an all time high, I still have my job and I need to be grateful for this each and every day. 
James used his own Deck “Tarot of the Masters” for the images.
This image seems to depict how I feel perfectly.

.  For information on how to purchase Tarot of the Masters:
James Ricklef is an inspiration to me in many ways; his writing is often just what I need at just the right time
James also has a Website that has tons of information.  My favorite is the “Monthly Article” in which James shares excerpts from his upcoming book that deals with Tarot on your Spiritual Journey.
I don’t think James Ricklef gets near the recognition he deserves for all of his contributions to the world of Tarot.  I was once in an online class with James-he probably doesn’t remember this-and I was in awe of his knowledge and his ability to communicate on a level that the “beginner” could understand.  I can’t say enough nice things about someone like James!  So!  Go on over to his Blog and Website.  He has much to offer!

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