Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, I talked with Jean-Michel David of ATS....

Yesterday on Tarot Today Radio I had the opportunity to talk with Jean-Michel David- the President of The Association for Tarot Studies.  I was very nervous at first but, turns out this man is very nice!  The very first thing I noticed as I listened to him talk about the ATS is that he is passionate about Tarot.  Everyone involved with the organization is a volunteer, they give their time and knowledge freely.( I definitely got the idea that everyone at ATS is passionate about Tarot.)  I've looked at the site many times and it was wonderful to put a voice and a face to all of this information.

 The ATS Newsletter is something I look forward to, the articles are a wealth of information.  PDF: -If you haven't looked at Taropedia yet, you are missing a great resource.  Taropedia is THE online encyclopedia of Tarot.

They also have an extensive Events Page:

Okay, back to Jean-Michel David.  I asked what is the best way for someone new to Tarot to get started?
He said the first thing to do is compare two decks and get to know what is the same about them-and what is different.  I liked that answer a whole lot.  It never occurred to me to "compare" Tarot decks...I've always looked at each deck as an individual.  He went on to say that comparing a deck to the Tarot of Jean Noblet is also a good way to study the similarities between the modern decks and the oldest known decks.  You can view the Tarot of Jean Noblet here:  This is what I remember the most about the conversation, Jean-Michel David talked about so many interesting things on the show that it left me wanting to talk with him more!  I am hoping he can make time to do another show on Tarot Today Radio so I can ask more questions.  Which reminds me, I am often a little intimidated by people who are so intelligent and wise...Jean-Michel David didn't seem to care about my "Punxsutawney" accent.  I can see why the ATS is such a large organization with so many members...if everyone there is as warm as Jean-Michel David it must be a great place to study Tarot.

Jean-Michel David also has his own website dedicated to his personal interests:
I am grateful for the opportunity to speak directly with Jean-Michel David and I truly hope to have this opportunity again.

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