Thursday, January 6, 2011

“Old School Tarot”

“Old School Tarot”
Alec Satin has a GREAT Blog
You will find tons of informative articles, actual readings he’s done for recent clients and FREE stuff too!
I stumbled upon Alec’s site about a year ago and was immediately hooked!

Who is Alec Satin:
 I’ve had the opportunity to speak with him on Tarot Today Radio shows as well as on the Tarot Guild site.  Let me just say, Alec is a truly nice person. Alec is the only reader I know of that truly reads “Old School”. 
 I had a reading from Alec and it was so helpful to me, I don’t usually ask “relationship” questions but, after listening to Alec and getting to know his reading style a little better, I knew he was the one to do this for me! See this reading here:
I was not disappointed!

Alec’s Classes:

“Learn the Tirage en Croix”

Alec has done one class on Tarot Guild so far and will be doing more!  If you would like to hear the free class go to:

So, go on over there and have a look at Alec’s Blog-tell him Mary sent you!

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