Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I learned from the class with Bonnie Cehovet.

I have more balance in my life than I realized.
My Birth Cards:
This is the gateway that we were brought into this life through.
Mine are The Hanged Man and the Empress
I admitted to the class that I see my Empress as telling my Hanged Man what to do.  This has more meaning than just a funny little observation.  You see, we all have different sides to ourselves, many layers to who we are.  Right?
Well, after finding out that these are my Birth Cards, I understand some things about myself a lot better.  I take care of everyone-that’s what I do.  I lend and ear, lend money, whatever…the biggest thing I do is I seem to have the ability to anticipate the needs of those close to me.  Sometimes this is truly uncanny and to be honest, it freaks people out a little bit.  Yet, there is this sense of “hanging back” when I meet someone new or when I listen to what someone is saying to me.  It’s like my mind is viewing things from all angles before I jump in and say or do anything.  I’m not impulsive in the least.  This is not to be confused with inaction.  In fact, one thing that makes me crazy is people who don’t just DO what needs to be done!  Anyway, there seems to be a balance here and Birth Cards really helped to explain all of this. 
Now onto what the class was about:
I of course have heard of affirmations and there was a time when I “thought” I knew how to use them.  What I was really doing was setting a negative intent…just by wording the affirmation incorrectly.  So Bonnie helped me to write an affirmation that is positive and well, it just plain “feels” right.  I also was able to get a little reading from Bonnie and she says I AM balanced-even though sometimes I don’t feel this way.  To me, that’s all of the negative thought processes trying to creep back in and block my energy!  I will be taking Bonnie’s advice and writing this out, saying it two times a day for twenty one days and also, keeping it with me…I am thinking that since I spend a lot of time at my job, that’s a great place to hang a little reminder.  I loved the advice to do an affirmation at the end of a reading.  Makes perfect sense!
I can tell you, that like many, I’m on a spiritual journey.  Things that never seemed to matter in the past are more important than ever.  The interesting thing to me is that just when things started to “shift”, the exact influences I needed were provided for me.  Today’s class was another of those influences coming in at the perfect time.  The New Year is when most of us think about all of the things that we need to work on, let go of, or just plain remove from our lives.  In addition to the clarity I received on Affirmations, I learned a new way to use the Tarot for myself and others.
And as with any new thing we learn, it opens up possibilities for us that we might never have seen before.  Never stop learning something new, never assume you know everything and above all else, give yourself the opportunity to really listen to what someone has to teach you.
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