Saturday, January 8, 2011

The William Blake Tarot (Revised Ed.) by: Ed Buryn

The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination
Ed Buryn 2010
ISBN 10:0-916-80405-3
ISBN 13:978-0-916804-00-8
Published By: T.A.R.O.T.

Last September I pre-ordered this deck and asked Ed Buryn if I could Blog about the deck and share images.  Permission was granted!
To order this deck:
Please see Mary K. Greer's Blog for specific information
(As far as I can tell, Ed does not have his website up yet.  Keep checking Mary K. Greer's Blog for updates.)

The William Blake Deck of the Creative Imagination was in my mailbox today!

The images on the cards are truly beautiful.  I can see how this would be great for meditation and creative thinking.  I will be spending some time with this deck.  I haven't shuffled the cards yet and only made one trip through the deck and already I can feel the "pull" to look closer.  

The Suits are: Painting, Science, Music, Poetry
The Major's are called "Triumphs"

The first card is:  
00 Eternity
Powerful creative or spiritual realization. Being blessed and inspired by a dream or 
vision. Awakening to one's spiritual destiny. Tremendous opportunity in the offing. A 
most significant card in any situation.

There is a review of the original deck at:

The Tarot Garden has a great article in their online library
The William Blake Tarot:  Old Symbols for a New Age  by Ed Buryn

If you've ordered this deck already, it should be in your mailbox very soon.  
I'm definitely not disappointed with my purchase!  I look forward to getting to know these images better and sharing my observations.

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