Friday, January 7, 2011

Your Personal Year Number Using Tarot Dynamics

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Date of Birth + 2011=
Example:  May 27
5+2+7+2+0+1+1=18   1+8=9
Now, here is what your number means:
The more constructively you channel your emotions, the
Better your endeavors will fare.

Now is a good time for looking at matters more closely. The sooner you can relax by doing things you enjoy the sooner the solutions to your concerns will come to you. Engaging in emotional or material preoccupations that are counterproductive to what you hope to achieve will only align your energy, fears and anger against each opportunity you have to change things for the better.
FOR NEW STUDENTS: With Card 18 the keyword, “Karma” suggests that a personal strength, chiefly your vigilance, self-awareness or powers of observation are about to be tested, rewarded or called upon. Whatever the situation or reason, please try to remember that your initial response or reaction could possibly influence more than the moment. However the keyword, “caution” is optional. Use it if you wish, or devise your own--or simply follow your own intuition to determine what reason or purpose the Moon is serving whenever it appears in your spread.
The more you listen, the more you’ll learn.
Anytime that Card 9 the Hermit appears in your reading --whatever your situation, the more rationally you approach matters the more likely you are to make choices that will ultimately broaden your horizons.  Taking the time (perhaps through meditation) to integrate your spirituality and intuition could save you from the lesser elements in yourself as well as provoking a showdown (that you can’t win) with other people.  Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 9’s test your beliefs, values and understanding in ways and at times that often surprise you.  9’s can also keep your goals and conscience in synch; by helping you make sound choices and decisions based upon logic, rather than emotion.  Best of all, they can enable you to view your past experiences, present situation and future goals from three distinct vantage points –the philosopher, the politician and the prophet.

FOR NEW STUDENTS: With Card 9 the keyword, “Karma” suggests that a personal strength, chiefly your logic, is about to be tested, rewarded or called upon, “understanding” asks you to remember that, whatever your situation, making sound choices and decisions is only possible, if they are based upon logic rather than emotion.

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