Saturday, February 12, 2011

“How can I help others to open their minds?”

This morning I am pondering a subject that never seems to have an answer in my mind.  How can I help someone to have a more open mind?  This is not about one single person in my life, more a need that I see over and over again.  I’ve never been able to understand the whole idea of being so set in your ways that you can’t see someone else’s point of view.  Even if you don’t agree with what is being said or practiced or viewed…why isn’t there any room for a wide lens approach?  I have this problem at my job as well as in my circle of friends so, it really matters to me.  I of course understand that we each have our own set of values, principles and tolerance levels but, why is there only ONE way of seeing things?  Well, since this is something that I can’t seem to figure out for myself, I decided to ask the Tarot.
“How can I help others to open their minds?”
Card One:
The Ace of Cups
Keeping an open heart and making sure this doesn’t become an emotional issue, in other words, I shouldn’t get angry or frustrated with others.

 I should continue to share my thoughts, feelings and ideas with others. 
These things are from the heart and that’s why it matters so much.

Card Two:
Nine of Cups:
Ahhh, I like this.  It would seem that my wish to “open up others minds” is clearly possible.  I should just keep working at this and make sure I’m being practical and realistic about the things I’m hoping to accomplish.  The Wish Card is so appropriate for me in this question, I really do wish I could help people overcome being so rigid that they can’t see what wonderful things are happening all around them.
Card Three:
Seven of Wands

Keep moving!  That’s what I see here.  In Tarot Dynamics, there is a great understanding of this card for me today. “You can bring matters out in the open in a way that offends no one and benefits everyone.”  The perfect ending to my little three card reading this morning!  
Tarot Dynamics:
Card images:  The Deviant Moon by: Patrick Valenza


  1. Mary, great subject. This happens to be a brick wall in my life, and one that doesn't seem to have any weak spots to break through it, or get over it. I don't try anymore, and that comes with its own set of negative reactions.


  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in this one! I don't give up easily BUT, I do get angry and I know that won't help the situation!

  3. Mary, through this that you do with reiki Impresses me greatly, I have a little story for you, first I must tell you that I went out today and I bought a book on Reiki, well I was meditating in the shower you may think that to be funny but I get to be most relaxed in there, lol. after about 15 minutes of very intense meditation summoning the white light from the Cosmos, I consentrated on my spine and hips as I have bad artritis there as well as the top of my spine, by now you must be thinking I'm a wreck lol.
    But after I'd finished summoning the white light to filter through my body and make me feel better I thanked all that was involved and opened my eyes, and when I stood on solid floor I got tingling feelings from my ankles to the tops of my knees and it felt brilliant all was at ease, did I go into Reki there or was it through the intense session of the meditation that has done that os this has never happened to me before.
    While I was doing this at the time I felt like I was a ton weight and I felt like I could not move my feet it was as though they were rooted to the floor an amazing experience.
    What do you think I tapped into.