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How to Read Auras 201

How to Read Auras 201

Author: Elizabeth Rose
How to Read Auras 201

Developing Aura Wisdom

Auras are the rainbow-coloured, electro-magnetic fields, or energy fields of light that surround you. In the previous article “How to Read Auras 101”, I explained how to begin seeing auras. In that article, I also described some significant benefits to reading the auras of people around you. The following is a little more information to assist you in understanding what seeing these fields of light can mean.

You Have More Than One Aura:

People are surrounded by more than one layer of energy. I find that the two energy fields closest to the body are the most easily viewed by the human eye. The energy fields that are furthest away tend to be fainter in intensity and colour. That being said, if you happen to be in a lucid or meditative state, all the aura colours and layers will intensify and become noticeably more visible, so much that they will almost jump out at you. When that happens, I can think of no more beautiful colours than the aura colours. For me, it is like seeing a glimpse of heaven because you are viewing people’s spirits.

Aura Layer 1

Your ‘etheric’ aura is the energy field that is closest to your body. It radiates out about an eighth or a quarter of an inch. When your body is back-lit by subdued lighting, the etheric aura appears as a fine highlight or line around your entire body. It is directly against your skin.

Aura Layer 2

Your ‘main’ aura radiates much further out. It appears like a large oval mist that surrounds your entire body. Depending upon your energy level, it expands and contracts, and changes in size. Again, it is best viewed in subdued back-lighting.
The two auras that are closest to your body indicate the personality that you were born with. Throughout your lifetime, these aura colours tend to remain relatively consistent. However, as you evolve in consciousness, (i.e. achieve a higher level of vibration through more heightened spiritual awareness), your aura colour will change. A purple aura indicates your connection to all that is spiritual or divine.

Developing Your Aura through Meditation

Time and time again, I keep being reminded of the importance of meditation. When you learn to control your mind through the discipline of meditation or other practices, something amazing begins to happen to your aura. The aura clouds around your body will start to become increasingly dense and defined in shape and structure. With time and practice, they will eventually solidify into a solid shape.

You will know a highly evolved mind when you see them because that person’s aura will have a distinct edge surrounding their main aura. The edge will be so clear that it can be traced with a pencil.

This particular Lama’s aura colour was indigo. Indigo is the colour of the 6th chakra, the third eye chakra, the colour of awareness, inner vision, and higher intuition. Years ago, we met a man with an indigo aura. In contrast to the Lama, his aura was undeveloped and misty, like a cloud around his head. However, the cloud was so dense that I could barely see his face. Clearly, he was well-practiced in meditation. When I inquired if he was intuitive, he described how he regularly ‘walked with the ascended masters`, the ‘enlightened beings’ who long ago passed from this world into the non-physical realms of spirit. They were always there to provide him with guidance and were clearly visible to him. We visited this man at his home and were surprised when he invited us into his garage. When we stepped through the door, instead of a vehicle, gas cans, and clutter, we were confronted by a beautiful and tranquil spiritual retreat, complete with a rock labyrinth in his backyard that provided a winding spiritual path for his daily walking meditations.

A Tibetan Buddhist Lama that I know has such a mind. Around his head and shoulders, his aura appears as a large indigo coloured oval, reminiscent of the halos that are portrayed in countless paintings of Jesus, the Saints, and Apostles. When I first saw it, it was an amazing gift to perceive an aura in such a highly developed state. It was something I had never seen this before. Immediately, my new goal became to meditate regularly and develop my own mind to the point where my thoughts and emotions are completely under control.

Given the Lama’s more developed indigo aura, one can only guess how much more aware his mind is, compared to the rest of us. With a mind that is so highly developed and disciplined, what amazing and wondrous things that Lama must know and see. In his teachings, he described having achieved a constant state of meditation. Through meditation, he long ago overcame all fear and achieved a permanent state of clarity and bliss. What a goal!!!

Are you still coming from a place of fear? What are your goals with respect to your spiritual development? Perhaps they now include mastering meditation? Mine do!
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