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How to Read Auras to Find Out Who You Are

How to Read Auras to Find Out Who You Are

Author: Elizabeth Rose
How to Read Auras 101

It can take a little practice, but seeing auras becomes easy once you get the hang of it. There are some significant benefits to reading the auras of people around you.

What is an Aura:

An aura is the electro-magnetic field or energy field of light that surrounds you. The colours and shapes of auras can provide deep and profound insights into personalities, well being, and states of mind. Certain colours attract.

How to See Auras:

In low diffused lighting, in front of a white background, such as a wall or blank white paper, hold both hands in front of you with your two index fingers pointed forward. Next, shift your gaze slightly out of focus until you see three index fingers, instead of the two. If you wear glasses, simply remove them, so that your eyes are out of focus. Holding your gaze steady, become aware of the “negative” space between your fingers. The “negative” space is the air between your fingers. Keeping your eyes fixed on one spot in the air between your fingers, slowly move your fingers together and apart, continuing back and forth. Do you see a faint glow of light appear? Perhaps you notice a pale colour between your fingers or a highlight around your fingers. When you do, the light you are observing is your aura.

It may take repeated effort before you can see a visible glow of light. However, with enough practice, you will eventually see colours appear with the intensity of a rainbow.

How to Read Auras:

Aura colours closest to the body indicate a person’s personality. For example, Red, Orange and Yellow auras are energy colours indicating people who are very physical, athletic and handy. Blue is a reflection of people who are guided by their feelings and are sensitive to the feelings of others. Green is the colour of cerebral thinkers who use their heads not their hands. Indigos are intuitive and all knowing. Purples are intuitive and far seeing. They are visionary leaders.

When aura colours become muddy or dark they can indicate trouble looming over the horizon. When a colour is murky and blended with black, brown, or gray, it indicates that someone has negative intentions, is acting out of fear, or being destructive. This may also indicate illness.

I was once a sales manager who hired, trained and managed sales staff. One morning, a sales representative came into my office to explain why he had missed an important sales meeting. This young man usually had a vibrant orange aura. On this day, however, I noticed that his aura appeared quite brown in colour. He launched into a very long and drawn-out drama listing a series of unfortunate and bizarre events that had prevented him from making it to work on time. With every twist and turn in his story, the intensity of the brown colour in his aura increased.

The young man thought he was pulling the wool over my eyes, but his aura had revealed his hand by showing me he wasn’t coming from a place of truth. In reality, he was only hurting himself. Negative vibrations become quite visible in our auras before they impact us physically. As one psychic put it, we die from the outside-in. If people fall into the habit of regularly deceiving, lying, or cheating, they may eventually hurt their own mental or physical health. Of course, this example illustrates how honesty is the best policy.

A young woman on our sales team had an aura that was a vibrant green. One day, this young woman came into my office for a meeting and I noticed that the colour of her aura had changed drastically and become a murky dark green, more of a blackish green. Surprised, I thought to myself, “You’re jealous! Who are you jealous of? Me?” At the time, I couldn’t imagine what this jealousy meant but knew I was receiving a clue about the future.

The woman’s aura had revealed her hand and, a month later, the young lady succeeded in taking over my role as a Sales Manager, likely at much lower pay. Happily, I learned this wasn’t the right company for me. Unfortunately, what goes around comes around and Karma can be a cold hard fact. Just six months after I left that company, that young woman also lost her job.

When we make decisions out of fear, jealousy or revenge, we usually get back what we give out. When we make decisions that are mutually beneficial, with the greater good in mind, they usually benefit everyone.

What are your motivations? Are you coming from a place of fear or love? Once you master seeing auras, you will be better able to understand the motivations of others. For more information:
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