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How to Read Auras

How to Read Auras 301

Author: Elizabeth Rose
How to Read Auras 301

Seeing Emotions in the Aura

Auras are the rainbow-coloured, electro-magnetic fields, or energy fields of light that surround you. In the article “How to Read Auras 101”, I explained how to begin seeing auras. In the next article, “How to Read Auras 201 – Developing Your Aura Wisdom”, I described how changes in aura colours can become advance warning signs of problems looming over the horizon. The following expands on this information to assist you in better understanding the significance of the auras you may be seeing.

Moods and Emotions Reflected in the Aura:

Years ago, I worked with a woman who was highly professional, polished and consistently maintained a calm demeanour. She worked in HR or Human Relations and I was always amazed at the calm manner in which she handled even the most highly charged crisis situations. She appeared to sail through life perpetually un-ruffled. It was impressive to watch.

Somebody mentioned to this woman that I could see auras, so she called and asked me if I would read her aura. Happy to do this, I suggested that I also teach her how to see her own aura and explain what the colours mean so that she could begin to use aura reading as a tool in her work. She liked the sound of this so we scheduled a meeting in the boardroom during lunch the next day.

The boardroom was the ideal location because it had heavy curtains to block out some of the natural light, white walls for back-lighting, and a dimmer switch that I could use to create diffused lighting. All of this helps to make auras more visible. The next day, when the woman arrived in the boardroom, I was already set up so I could clearly see her aura. It was interesting to observe.

In terms of colour, this woman had a soft pink aura which meant that she was highly organized. Soft pink is the colour of unconditional love, kindness and pursuit of perfection. To me, this explained some of her professionalism, polish, and calm demeanour. In addition to being super kind to others, she was likely far too hard on herself most days because she would always be seeking perfection, a difficult state for some of us to achieve. Schedules probably ruled her life, so it would have been difficult for her to relax and let go of a sense of urgency. In the back of her mind, a clock would always be ticking and counting down the minutes. So engaged in taking care of everyone else, on most days, as a Pink, she would forget to take care of herself. The challenge of Pinks is to learn to become more flexible and trust that things will flow smoothly and come together without rigid scheduling.

What became interesting to me was, instead of seeing the usual fluffy clouds of colour in her aura, this woman was surrounded by what appeared to be an electrical storm. When I asked her if she had endured a particularly stressful day, I was surprised to see a look of alarm cross her face. Astonished, she asked, “How could you possibly know that?” She continued by saying, “Yes, I had a very difficult phone call before I arrived but I am exceedingly good at hiding any emotions. Nobody can tell what I’m feeling! In fact, I made sure that I was calm, cool and collected before I arrived here.” Her eyes narrowed, she looked at me intently, and asked, “How can you tell?” I laughed and explained, “Your aura told me. I can see it. Instead of soft pink clouds, your energy looks more like a lightning storm! You should see the electricity around you. You’re shooting sparks!” The poor woman looked visibly horrified. She said, “Thank goodness most people can’t see auras!”

“Emotion is messy, contradictory... and true.” Nigella Lawson

The woman’s alarmed response made me wonder how much time she spent repressing her feelings in pursuit of appearing perfect. Over long periods of time, repressed and unresolved emotions can make us very ill. Regardless, our conversation peaked the woman’s interest as she contemplated the many ways in which she could apply aura reading to her career. Since she was highly motivated and we were working in the right light conditions, almost immediately, she was able to see her own pink aura around her hands. That’s how fast it can be. In addition, intention is a powerful thing!

So what good is this information? When you learn to see auras, you will become more aware of how people around you are feeling because their emotions will be visible. Auras tell the truth. Now, you also know that when are distressed, your emotions are wreaking havoc on your own energy system and this can impact you physically. Do what you can to shift into a happier state of mind. Take a walk outdoors, go to the gym, run through the park. Try to see the stressful situation from a different perspective. Perhaps there is humour in it!

Emotion is primarily about nothing and much of it remains about nothing to the end.
George Santayana.
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