Sunday, February 13, 2011

My work with the Tarot Guild

If you’ve been to there’s no doubt you’ve seen my face and maybe read some of the things I’ve posted.  Two years ago I couldn’t have imagined that working with an online community of tarot enthusiasts could be so rewarding.  The members are an eclectic mix of students, professionals, authors, artists and creators.  We all get along well and share our thoughts and ideas freely with each other.  What makes the Tarot Guild so unique is the vision that Dax and Mark have of making this a place you can visit to find out what’s going on with everything tarot related.  There are no politics involved here and everyone is free to belong to as many tarot organizations as they like.  If fact, we encourage this by posting events and news from organizers all over the world.  Information being available to everyone about all of the organizations is great for the person who’s just starting out and also for anyone who wishes to get their message out to those interested in the tarot.  We have many students at the TG and offer many free classes to anyone who has an interest.  These classes are also available as a download for those who can’t make it to the live edition.
We have a Premium Members package for those who want even more classes.  The membership fee is very reasonable when you consider how many classes are available. 
There have been many changes since I came onto the Staff, including the addition of more Groups to meet the needs of the many interests that our members have.  More classes are being offered and suggestions are being taken for all manner of things.  Right now the Staff is small and there is a great amount of work to be done in order to bring the Tarot Guild to the level that we envision.  We take one thing at a time, trying not to miss anything along the way.  The next big project is the construction of a “Professional Reader’s Co-op”.  This will help readers who are ready to go professional by giving them a base of operations and all of the latest technology, while still allowing them the freedom to own their own business.  If you are interested in this, keep watching for more information as it becomes available. 
The TG is steadily growing in membership and we are fast approaching 1000 members.  This is exciting because the 1000th member will receive a Premium Membership for one year! 
If you’re not yet understanding what the Tarot Guild is about, let me take a few minutes to explain it to you the way I have come to see it, maybe you will gain some new insight here and perhaps even come up with ideas that will help with the continuous growth we are experiencing. “Tarot for the 21st Century” This is the motto, the idea and the aim of the Tarot Guild.  Bringing you information, offering you a look at what’s out there for the tarot enthusiast.   Classes that bring you a new perspective on the innovation that’s taking place with the tarot.  TG is also a place where the student and the master can come together and share ideas.   We believe there is no one way to do tarot, there is no one system that’s perfect for everyone and we encourage those with a different approach to share knowledge with the intent of broadening the scope of tarot.  The latest technology is the way we do these things.  Platforms like Blog Talk Radio, Skype and virtual classes are tools we can use to get everyone together for informative and social sessions. 
The work I’ve done for the Tarot Guild has introduced me to some of the most incredible people you can imagine.  Who would have thought that a girl who grew up in Punxsutawney would end up doing something like this!  I may not be able to get rid of my “accent” but I’m sure expanding my mind.  Who knows where this will lead and what opportunities will present themselves, for now, I’m very content to be helping to build an incredible resource for tarot lovers all over the world.  Come on over and see us sometime!  You are always welcome.

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