Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Deviant Moon Five of Swords

Take a look at this card:  What is the first thing that comes to mind?

I see someone who has obviously won a battle...perhaps it's a battle of wits?  See that white flag of surrender in the back on the left-the opponent has given up!  This guy seems to be saying "THERE, Take THAT!  I find this image depicts exactly how I feel about The Five of Swords being in my natal chart.  So WHAT! I must use whatever I have available to win my battles.  This image is way different than the Rider Waite image of a man sneaking off looking like he's stealing something that doesn’t belong to him.  The Deviant Moon speaks to me of being outnumbered and coming out on top.  Using your intellect and perhaps your witty way with words to kick butt.  The tongue sticking out is hilarious!  He seems to be saying "I took your swords so now what!"  He almost seems to have an aura around his head perhaps this is all appointing to his ability to out think his opponents.  or think his way out of any situation.  if you own the Deviant Moon, you will find some of these images so hauntingly will remember things that are buried deep in your sub conscious.  This image immediately reminds me that many years ago my whole world came crashing down on me, I used my head, I made good decisions and I'm still standing.  yet, I've had this card come up in readings and it clearly meant that someone was doing something not very nice...cheating, lying, can mean all of these things too.  Look what happens when you pair this up with the King of Cups:
 It seems to be saying:  I've won the battle you dreamy eyed fool!  While you were gazing lovingly at your emotional state, I kicked your butt!

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