Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Talk About the Five of Pentacles

Using Tarot Dynamics, I've gathered some information:
"Pentacles are about reaping harvest, breaking new ground, or planting new seeds."                        
"Subject Card 5 is a card of conflict." 
Radiant Rider
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What I'm getting here is, yes, things will be a little rough but, all is not lost.  It seems to me this is about minor setbacks more than huge life altering events.  
I once did a reading for someone where this card indicated that the person was hiding from a bill collector because he wanted to spend his money on something else...that whole "poor me, I work so hard and can't have all of the fun I deserve" sort of thing.  This is of course before I knew about Tarot Dynamics so; I was truly going on pure intuition here.  Anyway, the part I remember the most is that I looked at him and said, "Just take care of this problem and it won't be following you around all of the time."  Sometimes, bad or "unlucky" things happen in life.  What I usually see is that most times, we bring on our own misery by not doing things the way we know we should.  Then we get in a jam and want to blame someone or something for this "bad luck" that we're having.  In the traditional images of this card, there is a big Church in the IS the background.  To me, that says we have something or someone we can go to sort things all out-or maybe for you it says you should count on your faith to help you through these tough times.  Whatever it is that you do to handle difficult times in your life; this card indicates that you need to remember that this will pass and you're not as alone as you think you are...and don’t forget to count your blessings.
It’s easy to forget about what we DO have when there’s some trouble going on-this is something I’ve had to learn and embrace in my life.
I've seen this card very literally mean (in a reading) that a person would be without heat.  And once that a lady should look out for someone she knew who was having problems-to help them in any way possible.  See, I used to have this strange idea that a pentacle automatically meant something to do with money I think it's so much BIGGER than that.  The way we see our finances, our solvency, and the material things we have are all directly related to our personal sense of security.  This then determines our idea of self worth.  These things can go up and they can come down...the "haves" and the "have not" if you will...but, does the Five of Pentacles mean disaster is looming?  Well, not necessarily and not if you keep your eyes and ears open for the important details that can head off this disaster.  We all have some bad luck from time to time. Many struggle with emotional issues that are directly related to not having enough money, there are so many things that can happen just in one day of your life...the important thing is to remember, it will get better, keep moving-don't just lay down and let it get the best of you.  Think about a creative way to get through the obstacles, use the resources at hand. 
Well, that's what I think about this card.  
 g new seeds."

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