Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Original Little White Book for Pearls of Wisdom

I was thrilled to get a copy of Roxi Sim’s Original LWB for her deck!
I don’t have a First Edition so, this is really special to me-it will be put into a frame and hung on my “Roxi Wall”.  I was also very excited that Roxi sent me a POW Greeting Card and a Magnet! AND, she also included a Post Card!  Fantastic! Thanks Roxi for being so generous! 

You can purchase Prints and Greeting Cards here:
I have two prints from Pearls of Wisdom and I love them!  Everyone comments on them-they hang in my dining room and get lots of attention!  The Devil and Death may seem like a strange set of prints to order but, these two cards immediately spoke to me. 

 The Devil in POW touched on something very deep for me. From LWB: “What is mirrored is your desperation and your fervent attempt at absolute control.  Choice abandons you.  You are driven.”  Ego.  When is it self confidence and when is it Ego?  Having this print on the wall has made me more aware of the things I do and say. Seeing this card for the first time, I immediately heard in my head “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”  To me, being able to look yourself in the eye is very important. This card also spoke to me of the distortion so many of us have about our appearance. 

Death:  I have never seen a more accurate image of Death in a Tarot card!  I was blown away by how Roxi was able to capture exactly what I think of as Death.    
LWB: “More alive without body than with it, I step into the great adventure, the great unknown, when I step into Death.  The shedding of the old ways, the old thoughts, an old life-Death is the ultimate leveler.”
Pearls of Wisdom has truly been a journey for me, each image has so many layers and so many ways to become lost in the image.  I use this deck for meditation a lot.  Tonight I will use it to guide me in the three things I want to “let go” for the Full Moon.  It seems like the perfect deck choice for this. 
Thanks Roxi!  I will treasure these always!

 * I drew three cards for the Full Moon Meditation I’m doing tonight:
King of Swords
Nine of Cups

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