Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steele Wizard Deck Interview

This deck is one of the nicest packaged decks I’ve ever seen.  The box is very sturdy and attractive too.  (This color scheme goes perfect with my home!)  The first thing you will notice when you open this box is that the cards are very large. 
You should go to page 6 in the companion book for details on how to shuffle this deck.  Do this first so you don’t damage your cards.
The greatest thing about cards this large is that you can SEE the images!  Take your time and look at these images, they have a lot of depth to them; a great amount of personality is infused in each person.
This is the first deck I’ve owned that has extra cards and even without knowing the deck well yet, I can see why they’re here.  It really does add to all of the layers of your reading. 
I’m slightly in awe of this deck!  Knowing all of the hard work put into this by Pamela adds to my appreciation.  To order this deck go to:  this is Pamela’s Group and all the information is right there on her page.

Steele Wizard Deck Interview

Using the Guidelines from the companion book:

What is your personality? The Hermit
Guidance from Spirit or Higher Powers.  Inner wisdom.  Expert advice.  The ability to find wisdom on other planes of existence.  Open-mindedness.  Your spirit guide is manifesting telling you to pay attention.
What can you tell me?  Evolution
Experiencing creation.  The unfolding of the Universe.  Naturally evolving into the next dimension.  Knowing where and why you belong.  Accepting your place with grace and gratitude.
What do you think of me?  The Lovers
Attraction, love, union of opposites.  Common ground between extremes.  Unconditional love.  Harmony of the inner and outer life.  Freedom to be who you are in any relationship.  Kindred spirits.  Think through your choices carefully.  Sharing a journey for a short time or a life time.
What will you bring me?  Eight of Wands
A quick resolution to challenges.  Agility and speed in all areas.  Movement towards a definite goal with great hope of success.  Messages.  Travel, usually by air.  Be it a message, trip or issue, it is of vital importance as it is directly from the Gods.  The Universe is answering the question you asked and it’s time to listen. You can see all of the cards on Pamela's Website!
I know I will have more to add about this deck as I get to know it better!

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  1. I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy!