Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting to know you-Spirit Guide Reading By: Helen Howell

The shape of the Spread is a 6 point star.  The center of the star is number 1.  (Please see Helen’s diagram.)
I’m always intrigued by spread that connects us to our Sprit Guides and this one by Helen is really great.
I’ve had some powerful experiences with my Guides but I can’t always see them or know who they are-I’m just not that advanced yet.  I can feel when they are near me, know when they are speaking or trying to get my attention and I think it’s worthwhile to try to gain more understanding of who they are and what they want us to know.
So, I’ve done the spread-after asking my Guides to participate.

Who are you?
The Eight of Cups-someone I’ve turned away from?  This may mean simply someone who’s passed-someone who is in a “higher place”.  (The red hair has me thinking of my mother and brother-both have passed on.  Interesting. )
How long have you been with me?
Five of Wands:  For as long as I’ve been struggling.  Maybe this is saying that since I’ve been aware of my guides and started to want to know more…possibly the struggle is with learning and developing my awareness.  I also think this relates to the relationship with my youngest daughter.
What is your purpose?
Five of Coins:  in this image, someone is trying to get into the church and it seems they cannot.  I don’t know why but, this struck a cord with me.  This image seems like what I’m up against every day with a mentally ill child.  I want to help but, I can’t get in.  We live a miserable existence most days and it doesn’t have to be this way-but it is.  My guide is here to help me, plain and simple.
How will I know that it is you that guides me?
World:  (I just got the distinct impression that someone was telling me that it’s okay to “dance to my own beat” lol) I think when things work out-when they come full circle, that’s how I will know.  Every step of the way, one bit at a time, I will see this all completed.  Once again, I think this has to do with my child and the changes that are approaching.

What do I need to do to aid you?
Ace of Coins: Stay focused on the truth and keep following my own path.  This card relates to the World card.  This seems to be a spiritual call also.
How long will you stay with me?
High Priestess:  This one is difficult for me to understand.  The best I can come up with is that at this time in my life, I’m forced to stay passive in many ways that are not normal for me.  Perhaps this card is telling me that this Guide is here until this time is over and a new phase of my life begins.  (This will be in a few short months.)
I’ve certainly gained some information here, and I’ve put this into my journal so I can look at it and maybe see more at some point.
I’ve added to this an earlier spread that Helen created, you can see this at:
 (I put these two cards at the top of the star-I thought it made sense to have the message over the information in the star.)

The Two card Spread:
1: What message does my guide/s really want to get across to me right now?

King of Swords

Use my intellect and keep control of the situation.  This King can become too controlling so, I think I should watch out for that. I seem to be feeling that there is a need for more control over the situation I’m living in at this time.  I’m already one of those people who make decisions based of logic-I hardly ever get emotional about a major decision.

2: How do they want me to use this message in my life?

The Fool
When this phase of my life is at an end, a new one will begin.  I should take all of the lessons learned and use them on my “journey”.

 Thank you Helen! Wonderful Spread!


  1. I loved reading this Mary. When I saw the HP at the how long will you stay position immediately I thought they will stay until you discover your own truth! Until you have bridged that gap between your physical world and your spiritual world. Is the message I received.

    I am so glad this spread worked for you.

  2. Thank you Helen! I'm going to look at this again...I think I see what you mean!
    I hope everyone will try this-I really like it!