Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Full Moon and The Wizards Tarot!

I woke up this morning thinking that I need to find a spread to do each Sunday to prepare me for the coming week.  Since I still have so much to learn about tarot, this is also good for my studies.  I’m not sure how I landed in the archives of Tarot Notes-Major and Minor but when I saw this spread from Helen, it seemed to be a perfect fit for my needs.
I like it for its simplicity. 
Here is the information on the spread:
Posted by Helen
Illuminate - A Weekly Plan

The layout is one of a candle and the light around the flame

Card 1: This is what I need to be aware of in preparation for the coming week.

Card 2: This is what my emotions tell me.

Card 3: This is what my thoughts tell me.

Card 4: This is how I combine my emotions and thoughts to assist me through the week.

To read this post:

I’m using the Wizards Tarot By: Corrine Kenner:  For information on how to order this deck you can go here:
*please note that my layout looks different-it wouldn’t fit on the scanner in correct form.

Moon:  it’s interesting that I would pull this card today-the day of the full moon.  It seems to be telling me that I need to pay attention to this Full Moon and learn how to use its power.  (Working on those things that need attention within me.)  Please see Bonnie Cehovet’s post at:
In this post Bonnie gives us some great advice about this Full Moon in Libra.

The Emperor is what my emotions tell me.  This makes sense because in my little world, I’m the one who makes sure things get done.  I’m the leader of many projects and a few people.  From my job to my family, I keep order.

The Ten of Swords as what my thoughts are telling me!  Ha, this one has me really laughing because life can be a little overwhelming at times.  This card speaks to me of someone “stabbing me in the back”, perhaps it’s gossip or down right lies.  I’ve been “on guard” for a little while now, this card is really spot on.  For whatever reason, people feel empowered by gossip and innuendo.  It’s not easy to be on the receiving end and it can lay you low.  

Combining thoughts and emotions to help me get through this week is the Ace of Wands.  Seems to me that I should follow my passions.  This card shows so much energy that it’s hard to ignore the message here:  all of the ideas I’ve been tossing around are gaining energy-I’m ready to move.  Get MOVING!  I like that!

I’m posting this in the Student Lounge for the purpose of study.  Please feel free to add your thoughts and opinions to mine.  Sometimes it’s very helpful for someone else to look at cards you’ve pulled for a reading for yourself because we’re too close to the situation.
Try this Spread for your upcoming week:  it would be great if you could post it here for us to learn and share!
Notes:  Please be sure to visit Tarot Notes Major and Minor at:  Helen and Zanna are fantastic Bloggers.  You can RSS the blog or follow on Networked Blogs.  There’s always something fresh here-great for the student and the more advanced.
Bonnie Cehovet’s Blog is fantastic!  She covers everything from reviews to spreads.  Follow her Blog and you will always learn something new-I find her perspective very helpful.


  1. Mary, wow. What a powerful reading for you! I'm going to try this one out later. Thanks for posting it. :)

  2. Thanks and I think it's one of the best spreads ever! Gotta tell Helen how awesome she is!