Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Tarot Game

The Tarot Game by: Jude Alexander 
Published by: Schiffer Books
ISBN: 9780764334481

I couldn’t wait to open the box!  I was first impressed with the game box because it has a magnetic lid and it’s very sturdy.  I can see this game doing much traveling so, this is important.  I’ve read that people are disappointed that there isn’t a “real tarot deck” included but, since I have many tarot decks to choose from, I don’t mind this at all.  Let’s start with what’s included:
Game board
Major Arcana Questions
Reading Sheets
Keyword Deck
Activity Cards
Blessing Coins
Game pieces
3 Dice
There are three levels of play: Novice, Enthusiast and Adept.
It’s noted that novice players will need a tarot deck and guide for the deck in order to bring forth intuitive ability with the images.  The enthusiasts and adepts will need two decks.
The Reading Sheets are most interesting to me as I can see them becoming great meditation tools. 
The Game Pieces are especially nice since they are tumbled gemstones. 
I don’t really have anyone to play this game with me at home so; I love that it can be played online by SKYPE or other means.  I know from time to time Jude is available to play online-it doesn’t get any better than playing with the person who created the game! 
The Keyword Deck is great for anyone who is new to Tarot, I like that you can get an idea of a card without having to look it up in a book.  
Activity Cards are:  Question: Use Court Cards Only, Star:  Use Full Deck and Spiral: Use the Subject cards (Ace through 10) to tell a story. 
Each player selects 5 Blessing Coins before the start of the game.  These Coins promote gratitude, optimism and possibility.
Jude has also included a Grounding Meditation to create a magical space to play the game-I think this is a wonderful activity to perform before starting the game. 
To begin the game, just follow along in the instruction manual.  You will use one of the three die until you land on or select a Major Arcana.  After this you may use as many as you like. 

There are several variations of the game provided in the instruction manual allowing you to create your own special version.  I can see this game being played at Meet Up’s, parties and Meditation Circles.  I’m especially interested in playing online with several people who are from varying levels of tarot experience.  
I think this game is very well thought out and provides a fantastic tool for the novice reader.  I can see its meditative use and plan to use it in this way myself.  For those with more experience with the tarot, it’s a great way to share your ideas with others.  I don’t see a way to become bored with this game as you can use many of your own variations with a little creativity.  And speaking of creativity, I’ve looked around the house for some interesting items to store my pieces in for both during a game and between games.  I have many small organza bags that will hold the Activity Cards and game pieces.  I’ve used a small gold bag to hold the dice and larger bags to hold the cards for storage.  I like to put the various parts into attractive glass containers for setting up the game and playing.  This all adds to the “setting” and makes this more meaningful to me.  I have provided a collage of these ideas in order to get your creativity flowing.  I believe in making something already special even more special with a few small creative touches. 
Jude Alexander has created something fun, easy to learn and very educational with The Tarot Game.  I’m happy to have this and eager to play.  I’ve even taken a Reading Sheet and expanded the space to write my observations.  Mostly this is due to my extra large hand writing but, it would serve as a great journal page. 
I like The Tarot Game and I think you will to!
For more information or to order go to The Tarot Game Website:
*A very special thank you to Jude and Schiffer Books for getting the Tarot Game to me.


  1. Thanks Mar for your enthusiastic welcoming of the game and for describing it for your readers.

    Many pieces and parts and fun in that box! I too have enjoyed finding the right bag or box for containing the cards and blessing coins- I discovered a small brass treasure chest and adore seeing the coins inside it.

    I look forward to hearing your game stories, once you've played a few times, okay?

    Blessings ~ Jude

  2. You are so welcome! I can't wait to really get playing this! I may take you up on the Skype game one of these days! Ahhh, a brass treasure chest! Perfect!

  3. This game sounds really interesting! We do game family game nights from time to time (me, my significant other, and the three boys) and I have played a lot of Risk, Scattegories and Executive Decision. I think they owe me. Will have to pitch it :) Thanks for the great review!