Friday, April 1, 2011

Tarot Tips Newsletter

I’m so honored to have my Blog featured by The Tarot School Tarot Tips Newsletter!  (I honestly thought a friend was pulling an “April Fool” prank on me!)  Subscribe to the Newsletter: 
I had the opportunity to speak with Wald and Ruth Anne on Tarot Today Radio.  I was very taken by how friendly they are and wish I could go to the Readers Studio  to meet them in person.  This is definitely on my list for next year!  I asked if the Reader’s Studio is suitable for beginners and Wald explained the criteria.  If you have a working knowledge of tarot cards, you are ready for The Reader’s Studio!  I had somehow been thinking that this was for the advanced only-I’m so glad to know that it’s an event for anyone who wants to become a better reader!  I’ve heard only wonderful things about this event! 
Thank you Tarot School for noticing me and my Blog! 

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