Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking at my weekly reading from Land of The Mystereum one card at time…

The Knight of Swords:
Traditionally, the Knight of Swords is a messenger.  Words, thoughts and ideas are represented by Swords.  I’ve always thought of this as a message or idea so direct and clear that it cannot be mistaken! 
In some decks this card depicts a Knight on a horse riding full speed ahead!  Other decks show the Knight in a way that he looks foolish or ruthless.  In The Mystereum, the Knight looks ready to defend, ready to get his point across.  He does not look mean or intimidating to me, he looks seriously focused.  Key Words:  Generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating.
This card in this position makes total sense to me!  I’ve been working on several ideas and I’m ready now to get going! 
The Hermit as the second card makes me see that things are coming together in my life…the patterns that I’ve known for so long are changing and I’m aware of these changes. 
Temperance:  The first time I saw this card I thought “the anointed one”-I have no idea where that came from but, looking at it now, I still hear an echo of something far greater than me.  I love what Jordan has to say about this card:  “Temperance indicates that you feel things in motion rather than feel their differences.  Think of a rainbow.  Think rain.  Think bow. Think arrow.  Remember the divine tools of the Archer.  Let the colorful rainbow smile a light on your aim.” “The freedom to see bigger things.”
Sure hope this has helped you to see some of the amazing insights The Land of Mystereum offers! 
 Here they are again:
·                                 Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd
·                                 ISBN-10: 9780764336010
·                                 ISBN-13: 978-0764336010
·                                 ASIN: 0764336010

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