Monday, May 9, 2011

“Okay, What am I in for THIS week”!

Today I asked The Land of Mystereum about the upcoming week…
I literally said: “Okay, What am I in for THIS week”!
The Knight of Swords
The Hermit
Here’s a look at these cards…

The Knight of Swords looks ready for ACTION!  I see focus and intention here. 
The Hermit is one of my most favorite cards in this deck!  I love that he sees what’s ahead and what’s behind…
This seems to be telling me that all of the ideas going on in my head will gain clarity.  So far so good!
Temperance as the final card for the week ahead, this card image immediately makes me think I can see bigger things if I look beyond what’s right in front of me.  Interesting because I’ve never thought of this card like this before, there is still the sense of balance and harmony in the image but, I there’s more.  Very cool!
·                                 Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd
·                                 ISBN-10: 9780764336010
·                                 ISBN-13: 978-0764336010
·                                 ASIN: 0764336010

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