Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What am I doing for World Tarot Day?

I’ve been thinking of this all day…what can I do to show my support... and honor  something so important? 

Number one on my list:  getting more serious about my tarot reading skills.

I’m going to be on a weekly show with two experienced readers. 
This is a form of mentoring for me.
 I’m looking forward (nervously) to this experience. 

Next, I want to keep encouraging everyone to erase the dividing lines in tarot. 
We are all just people. 
Seems simple enough right? 
The beauty and joy of something like tarot is that we all have something to add! 
There is no “one way” that’s “right”.  
Follow your passion and you will never go wrong.

Mostly, I want to show anyone who thinks tarot is bad or negative that it’s one of the most positive things that’s ever happened to me!  I will be making time to blog about my experiences and setting up workshops for those who want to learn from the best. 
I hope to continue to add to my network of like minded people and share knowledge.  Along with this I will continue to try new things and learn new ways of thinking. 

Hope there’s something in here that speaks to you…
Happy World Tarot Day!

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  1. This is great news! Really looking forward to listening. You will be great.