Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Eight of Pentacles on my Day off?

The Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza published by U.S. Games.
The Tarot of a New Vision:  Lo Scarabeo
The Rider Waite Deck: U.S. Games
Each card has essentially the same message.
I use the Deviant Moon daily so I will include my thoughts on this card.

From LWB
In the bowels of a factory, a laborer toils over his handiwork as he produces eight golden pentacles.  Ever vigilant in his craftsmanship, he will not tolerate anything less than perfection.
Skilled laborer or craftsman.  Attention to detail.  Pride in one’s work.
 This card reminds me of my job a little, if you look to the right of the card you can see a pressure gauge and this one just happens to closely resemble the gauge that’s on the boiler that I turn on every morning.  Also, there is the flame in the furnace which to me is an exaggerated image of the flame box on the boiler.  The image reminds me of production, organization and of course there’s the clock on the wall telling me that it’s almost time to leave for the day.  Knowing that my job requires skill, organization and attention to detail helps me to understand what this card is all about.  I also can’t help but notice that he’s using his conscious mind here.  Often when I’m at work I mentally turn a switch and only think about what I’m working on…I’m on of those people who show up for work on time every time and I don’t bring my personal problems to the job.  I take great pride in the work I do just as this image shows us that this worker is taking pride in his work.  I truly do my job according to this motto: “If you’re not the best go home.” 
Focus is a great way to think of this card.  I’m sure that’s my message for today-focus.  It’s been weeks of crazy schedules and not enough sleep.  I have things that require my attention today.  It just so happens that these tasks are directly related to my future financial outcome. 
In a relationship the Eight of Pentacles means that you are prepared to invest the time and effort it takes to build the relationship.  I see this message today for myself with more than one person in my life.  Sometimes, we are so busy doing all of the things we have to do in life that we forget that relationships need effort and energy put into them just like anything else.  I’m going to concentrate on not taking my relationships for granted today.

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