Saturday, June 11, 2011

Links from The Rowdies!

Yesterday we talked about all kinds of stuff on The Rowdy Readers Show!  I thought I would provide some links for anyone who didn’t catch them during the show.
Deb Frueh is back from her journey!  Deb has a class coming up on Using Social Media.
 ReeNee Cummings is wrapping up a busy schedule and will be able to teach more classes!
We talked about Helen and Zanna from: Tarot Notes Major and Minor.  To see the post we highlighted go to:

I mentioned Christiana Guadet’s Blog Tarot Trends:  (These posts will make you think!  I love that!)
The Coal Region Paranormal Team at:  has a great website!  Pictures, Videos and all kinds of information!  And you know what?  These are really nice people! 
Very often when I’m listening to a show I’m scribbling notes the whole time.  Being a Co-Host is tons of fun and a great honor-now I just have to get organized!
Thank you all for coming to the show and I hope all had a great time. 

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