Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 3 cards to ponder.

My 3 Card Eclipse Reading:  as recommended by: Melinda Carver.
 I’ve asked: What can I expect for the next two weeks? 
And since I already know that this will be a very stressful two weeks with many things to deal with…I’m concentrating really hard on emptying my mind.

If I summarize my thoughts here, I can break this down into: choices have to be made that concern the future, structure is needed.  For sure this is not the time to entertain any delusional thoughts.
Well, I suppose this makes sense in light of all of the things that will be coming my way in the next two weeks.  I can't "cry over spilled milk", I have to concentrate and be organized...focus.  Although I dream of making a huge difference and changing the way the "system" works, it probably won't turn out that way.  Better to stick to what's really attainable and never mind about the lofty ambitions.  Maybe this is not the time to pursue bigger things and I should just concentrate on getting through one obstacle at a time.  Interesting that there are two Cups here.  No Majors.  Is this also telling me that I've become too emotionally attached to the outcome?  We all know that the best decisions are made using intellect.  Yet, there are no swords here.  Time for me to take a step back and double check things.  
After giving this a great amount of thought tonight, I can almost grasp the thing that I've been not seeing clearly.  I need more time to contemplate this.  

These cards are from the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza, published by U.S. Games.  
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  1. I love this deck and your spin on the cards. It is interesting that you drew cups. I used to be a big believer in practicality and deciding with the intellect. As time passes however I find myself understanding that old saying about the heart having its own wisdom more and more.

    Lovely moon out there tonight, isn't it?