Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mystereum comes out to play!

If you’re looking for some new spreads look no further than Jordan Hoggard! 
Go to his website and scroll down the page.
“Life Elements Spread Package”

  These spreads are unique and no one but Jordan could come up with something like this…I’m continually amazed by his creativity.  Okay!  Onto the spread I chose today.

The Water of Life Spread:

Describes feelings inherent in the depths of your feelings.
Recognize, nurture and celebrate them.

The Chariot
Sometimes we’re doing a million things at once…it requires skill to keep it all going.  I like what Jordan has to say about being able to come at things from the side!  This makes total sense to me.  Bringing all of our ideas together in harmony. 
Quickly moving forward and being in control.  Keeping the balance needed to accomplish the things I’ve set out to do.  Goals are indicated here.  Since I’m doing this reading for myself and at the same time thinking of a particular situation I’m definitely getting a strong message of “know when to pull back and know when to engage”.  We can’t always take things “head on” we would explode on impact!  Using Jordan’s analogy of bringing things together from the side is perfect!

What forms the feelings you get from your actions.

The Magician

Put your mind into it! See it happening.  Don’t be afraid to test those waters…and most of all, I see a sense of strength here.  No fear and no second guessing. 
An idea is created and it needs to be looked at with intellect and with the heart. 
I love what Jordan has to say in his book about this card, it takes the Magician into a whole new light for me:  “The Magicians place has no clutter.”  I’m an ideas person for sure, about a million or so a day!  The Magician tells me to use those ideas! 
Focus on something and make it happen.  See things from many angles and create accordingly.
Yes, I can focus intently on things when I’m creating…often losing track of hours! 

Expresses the feelings others get from your actions.

The ten of Pentacles

This card is speaking to me about how we can all help each other. 

I’m one who likes to share…it’s my nature and never forced.  This card shows us a wheel of sorts…and it makes me think of moving along and the pentacles around that wheel are our relationships.  When we do good things, the wheel turns and the energy flows. 
In a way this card also reminds me of a tree, and the tree is full!  Having everything we need to be secure, content and grounded.  We must have strong roots to support all of that fruit.
Another thought here is orgasm.  I don’t mean to offend anyone but look closely and see if you see this too.  After all, what is an orgasm?  Pleasure. 
But! In light of the spread here, I hope this means that people feel pleasure from my actions, that they feel the realness of who I am.

I feel like I’ve learned something about myself with this spread…soul searching if you will.  I’ve enjoyed my “playtime” with the Mystereum!
To order your copy of Tarot In The Land of Mystereum:
Visit Jordan here:
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN-10: 9780764336010
Thanks Jordan for allowing me to use your images!

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