Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tripping with the Mystereum…

Today I will be using the “Aces for Potential” Spread from Jordan Hoggard.  These fantastic spreads are available through Jordan’s Website:  You will get a download containing the spreads…no waiting on the mail man!
Okay!  Here we go!
The Sacred Staff Spread
Card one: Magical Touch Card.  What powerful place in the world touches the core of your emanation?
The Wheel
I like this card for its ability to show cycles in a way that encompasses seasons, highs, lows, time, light and dark.
When I see this card I always hear a little message in my head “The Universe has many things in store for you” and I get the feeling that no matter what the struggle, things will turn out just the way they should.  Cycles, Changes, luck…
Card Two: Wayfinder Card.  Where do the energies that flow from your core most naturally lead you?
If you read Jordan’s description in the Imagination Primer, you will get the most accurate description of Strength that I’ve ever encountered.  This image is all about remaining in control, calmly working through things and most of all knowing that you don’t need to do things in a loud or extravagant way to be heard.  The simplest way is always the best.  I also see this image as a “collection”.  Jordan expresses this as harnessing your power.
I get a special message from this card today, making me realize that I have more “power” than I thought.  Speaking out about something has never been an issue for me; I don’t really need to make a big deal out of anything.  The next important message I get here is, LET IT GO.  This is sometimes the hardest part of Strength.  The act of letting go really will increase your power and we all need to learn how to do this so our Wheel isn’t stuck in the same cycles over and over.  I think I will put this card in a place where I can see it often. 

Card Three:  Gesture Card.  What is the personality of your energy flow and its movement?

5 of Cups
Ahhh, I think the Mystereum is having a little fun with me this morning!  I tend to see things from a distance-trying never to get “caught up” in whatever disharmony is going on in my life.  One of the traits I have as a Gemini is the ability to see things from many angles.  Because of the “environment” I live in, I’ve been conditioned to look for whatever good I can find-no matter the situation.  When all of the cups are tossing in the sea of emotion, it’s good to step back and look at things in a new perspective.  You can’t do that if you’re reacting emotionally. 

Card Four:  The Magic Jewel Card.  What magical dream is visibly touched and smiles back at you when your actions fully emanate from your core?

8 of Wands
I love the reference to moon beams here.  The hands are up.  If you want a new perspective on the 8 of Wands, this is the deck for you!
I get a feeling of throwing something out there…and idea, a project-whatever and then just watching what happens.  Jordan uses a garden as an example…perfect.  You planted it now watch it grow, pay attention and notice what’s going on…  Also, this image speaks of travel by air.
 I see communications because the hands are often used to gesture the point we’re making…the hands also type, write, draw, touch…very interesting image.  The coolest connection I’ve made with this card is Jordan’s idea of “mind travel”.  We often get very caught up in the day to day stuff; let your mind be open! 
To see new things in your mind…travel through your imagination.  That’s what this card seems to speak to me today. 

Wow! Another journey with Jordan and the Land of Mystereum!
I cannot ever explain to you how these images combined with The Imagination Primer/ Companion Book/ Novel will make you see things in a way you never imagined.  I think I’ve finally (truly) realized the meaning of thinking with the opposite side of your brain.  Yes, I’ve read all about this and yes, I’m a right brained thinker…but, I am tapping into something here that’s a little unknown to me…different paths are being taken.   This deck has also helped me to realize some things about myself that are uncannily accurate.  I just had a little chuckle to myself because I was imagining calling Jordan every time I make one of these little discoveries and saying things like: “Did you know…..” and “How did you KNOW this….”  And probably more like:  Holy @#*@  !!!!”  So, it’s probably better that we live in different time zones and that I don’t have his phone number…I’m sure he has better things to do…you know….just sayin’

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