Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Robin Wood Tarot

I’m very excited to have a Robin Wood Tarot Deck!  Seems hard to believe that I didn’t have this one yet!  I know…shameful for sure.
Okay, I opened it all up and started looking through the images-after reading the little book to find out about the artist.
I’m going to start with the Magician:  Card 1
I take out the RWS Magician and put them side by side-I often do this when a deck has similar images. 
The Robin Wood Magician seems to have a little twinkle in his eye…maybe he’s very confident in himself and maybe he’s just plain fun to hang out with!  The basic background color is yellow-the color of the Sun and it indicates creativity, clarity and intellect.  That makes sense…
There’s no “above and below” with this card as indicated in the RWS.  There are two candles burning, one black and one white.
I’m seeing someone who knows a secret or who has finally figured something out…it’s radiating from this Magician.   
ISBN 13:978-0-87542-894-9
Robin Wood


  1. Hello! I too LOVE the Robin Wood Tarot deck. I'm no expert in Tarot but when I first saw the deck - many years ago- I was just drawn to the imagery - no pun intended. Mostly I think it is a style that seems very much like my own. I just recently pulled out the old books and started reading. Glad to stumble onto your blog!

  2. I love the Robin Wood Tarot Deck and it is my definite go to deck when I am doing readings! From the first day I opened the deck years ago it began speaking to me. This is the only deck I have ever bought a back up cope in case something should happen. This deck goes everywhere with me!