Sunday, July 10, 2011

When I need to “Think outside the box”

When I need to “Think outside the box” I very often turn to Jordan Hoggards Land of Mystereum for its fresh way of making me wrap my head around anything from A to Z.
Today I was messing around a bit and did a five card yes or no reading using The Robin Wood. The reading gave me a yes but, there’s a nagging feeling that there’s more to this that I need to know. Soooooo, I just happened to be standing next to the “Tarot Bookcase” and The Mystereum seemed to be saying: “Hey, I got something to tell you girlfriend!”
Shuffle, shuffle…and out falls not one but two cards…and I’m using them in the order that I picked them up from the floor-yes, the Mystereum can be a little impatient at times but, that’s okay, I understand these things.

The Four of Swords…A HA! Well, taking courses is indeed a form of preparation…planning and pacing…and you know…the purple in this image is hinting at healing, intuition, meditation…all of these things provide the mind and soul with a nice calm place to dwell. When I first turned this card over, I got a whisper of “Lotus”. I get my messages sometimes spoken and sometimes I will literally see the word-this time it was a teasing little whisper in my ear. When I think of a lotus flower, I think of all things healing and spiritual, white, pure and full of good energy. The image on the card has a lot of yellow-all around the swords. The color yellow is associated with the Sun which is a spiritual source of energy. See, it all fits together-at least in my mind…

The King of Pentacles or as Jordan calls him “The Master Builder”. If I could only put into words what this card has come to mean to me on a personal level…When I see this image, I think of someone who just does what’s right naturally. They somehow always hold the good of everyone closely to them while carrying out the purpose. He’s highly spiritual and the ruler of all things practical and need I mention strong in a way that’s not showy or ego driven. Lots of blue and red around this King so, he’s passionate and he’s at peace. I find it very interesting that his hair is green, the color of growth and abundance. Then there’s the eye, right under his hair and looking right at me! Okay, it might not be an eye but, sometimes I think it is! I see that the yellow part of this surrounds the blue…and the blue links back to the Queen who is always present with the King. This reinforces the whole message for me and makes this a King who doesn’t necessarily represent a person in my life but an aspect of what I want to do…hope that made some sense?

Linking these two cards together tells me that the yes is a good one. It also tells me that this is something that’s needed for my spiritual journey. I might add that it’s making me feel a little guilty for always second guessing myself.

If I take these two cards in a literal way, it could be a very simple message-Give it a REST!  You know what to do, now get going! 

Okay, go visit Jordan!
And if you want to have some fun conversations with The Mystereum, get the deck...take it out and play!

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