Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Attune Magazine News

 Attune Tarot Journal: Project

In the Tarot section I would like to discuss a few cards per issue.  The first cards will be the Fool, The Magician and The Empress.
 The name of this section will be “Attune Tarot Journal”.

This is an opportunity for you to promote images of your decks as well as ideas from your books.

What I need is an image of your card, a link to where it can be seen and purchased and your keywords.  Expanded descriptions are welcome and will be used when space permits.

The idea here is to use many different images and ideas to provide a broader understanding of each card.

Artist Corner
I would love to showcase your art!  Send me your image, description and links to your site.  Don’t forget your bio and information about purchasing anything that might be for sale.

Short Stories

We are always interested in short stories for Attune Magazine.  These do not have to be tarot related…anything metaphysical is welcome.


We love your poems!  We will accept poetry on just about any subject so don’t be shy!


We need an article about Angels.  Share your knowledge!

Space Clearing

Ideas for “Space Clearing” are welcome.  I will be starting a series on this-since this is where I am in my life right now and I would love to hear your ideas.


Please share your Reiki experiences with our readers.  What does Reiki mean to you?
How do you use Reiki?

Crystals and Gemstones

Share your knowledge on this fascinating subject.  Maybe you want to share photos of your collection.

Tarot Card Collections

How many decks do you have?  Want to share images of your collection?
This can include your favorite storage idea too!  We love to peek at collections!

Advertise your Business!

Scan your business card and have it displayed in Attune for $20.00 per issue.

Create a smaller ad and display it for $10.00

Larger ads start at $40.00

Full Page Ad:  $100.00

Please include your images (jpg.) and text-including links.

We cannot use “banner ads” in this format.

Text only “classified ads” are $5.00 for 3 lines.

*We do not accept any affiliate marketing ads.  Our ads are for legitimate businesses with the intention to promote the sales of your services or product.
Example:  your tarot reading business, numerology services or life coaching services. 
Promote your book, deck or art.

Book and Deck Reviews:

We will happily review your book or deck for the magazine.  These Reviews will also be placed on numerous blogs, The Tarot Guild and Face Book.
Please send us an email for the address to send your review items to as well as a contact phone number.
*books and decks do not need to be “Tarot”; we will review anything that falls into the “metaphysical” category. 
Example:  Oracle Cards, Runes, Angel Cards, Reiki Books, Chakra Work.

Please submit to:

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