Monday, September 12, 2011

Audacious Action Angels Oracle Review

ISBN: 9780764339097
Size:     3 1/2 x 5 1/4
Illustrations:       44 art cards      
Pages:  96
Availability:        Now Available
Binding:            Box Set

Description from Box:
You have your own audacious angels working alongside you every day, helping you to live in your body and listen to its knowing! Now you can gain guidance more quickly and clearly by using the Audacious Action Angels Oracle or the "AAA Oracle," as it is often called! The oracle is the perfect anytime-tool to use when you need to ask your angels for help, hints, humor, or hugs. All you need to do is pull out the Oracle to find your answers and let it whip you into shape. 44 beautiful art cards are included showing life's daily pros, cons, and teasers. You will laugh your way to a happier you with your angels by your side. So what are you waiting for? Your audacious action angels say, "Let s get going!"

This is my first Oracle deck and it’s flirty, fun and practical!  The pink and blue box shows us the rear view of an Angel wearing thigh high boots with killer heels, pink tights and a white mini skirt.  This deck is indeed “sassy” and I adore it!

There are no complicated symbols to learn and nothing to memorize.  Pick a card and look it up in the book.  Shuffling this deck is a dream!  Perfect for average size hands-
Not too stiff and not sticky. 

The “AAA Oracle” is a fantastic deck for anyone! Practical, detailed descriptions and lots of fun are waiting for you inside this cute box. 

There are three spreads located in the LWB for you to try.  The (LWB) book is sturdy and provides black and white images of each card and a description.  (Schiffer Publishing has the most wonderful boxes with magnetic lids to keep your cards and LWB safe and secure.)

If you have a teenager, niece or granddaughter that is interested in Oracle’s, this is the perfect deck!  You should also get one for yourself because although fun, it has depth.
The card descriptions are witty and provide clear ideas with enough humor to help us through the day. 

Some decks make me smile when I look through them the first time, this one made me giggle!  The “AAA Oracle” would be great for  “Card of The Week” or “Card of The Day”.  Great for those who journal too.

Well done ladies!  Your Oracle Deck is sure to be a favorite!

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