Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Tarot Birth Cards and You

Tarot Birth Cards and You
Keys to Empowering Yourself
Bonnie Cehovet
Illustrated by: Karyn Easton
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN 978-0-7643-3902-8

The Deck used to illustrate this book is the Tarot Lovers Tarot and you can view this deck at:

My expectations were met and exceeded by this book!  I’ve been waiting so very long for this to be in print!  From the beautiful red cover to the special pages in the back I’m completely in love with this book.  Each page I read carries with it Bonnie’s soothing, calm voice and all of the wisdom she has to share.  If it had not been for Bonnie Cehovet, I wouldn’t have the understanding I do today of how our Birth Cards can explain some of the mysteries in our lives, how we can use this knowledge to help ourselves and most of all, how we can better understand some of the people who are part of our lives. This beautifully written and very easy to understand book will open your eyes to something in the tarot that we can use every time we do a reading for someone.   

Preface: Page: 6
  “My hope is that with this book, readers will find the tools that will help them to better understand themselves, define their path for this lifetime, find their authentic voice, connect with what they consider to be the Divine in their life, and move forward on their spiritual journey.  The tools that I have chosen to work with are those of the Major Arcana, Affirmations, and Journeying.  Together they will help the reader to define their path for this lifetime, and reach their full potential.”

In pages 7 through 9 Bonnie gives us an overview of what we can learn from our Birth Cards going into explanations of Affirmations and Journeying.
Bonnie has used the system that Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone created at The Tarot School (

We then move onto how to determine your Birth Cards with easy to understand instructions. If you can’t do this for yourself, go to: and use the calculator. 

There are twelve pairs of Birth Cards in the Tarot and each pair is discussed in this book.  This is more information than you will ever find on a website and it’s all in one place!  What a fantastic reference this is for anyone who likes to use Birth Cards when doing readings or maybe you want to see how the dynamics of your friends and families play out.    

Page 158 begins the Post Script and here we have two more pages of advice and guidance on how to use our Birth Cards.  How we can empower ourselves is reiterated and twenty one questions are provided to help you on your way. 

After the Bibliography, you will see each Birth Card Pair in color with Astrological Associations, Keywords and Theme.  This is a beautiful way to provide us with a quick look at pairs.  Very nice touch.

Bonnie then gives us a page that provides the directions for “Calling In The Seven Directions”.  This is covered in the journeying section of each pair and it’s nice to see it have a special page that we can find quickly. 

A chart with all of the Birth Card Pairs is next.  Using the numbers you come up with in your calculations, you can look at this chart for the correct pair.  This is another nice touch that allows us quick reference.

Very thoughtfully, Bonnie has provided extra lined pages for our notes.  Once again, nice touch!

I recommend this book to every tarot reader and to every person who is willing to learn more about themselves and their loved ones. 

Thank you everyone who was responsible for making this book happen!  I will treasure it always.

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