Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot

Brigit Esslemont
(Biddy) is a certified professional Tarot reader based in Melbourne, Australia

I’m very excited to tell you about this E Book!  It’s a reference book, a teaching book and it’s affordable too!  Also available is a Companion Workbook! Love it!

Digital Books are gaining in popularity; and The Ultimate Guide to Tarot is well done!  
It goes above and beyond what we’re used to seeing in a downloadable book.
  You don’t need to be a beginner to appreciate this book and the wealth of information that it contains.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot is a 336 page E-book based on the Rider Waite deck.
  Biddy has given us Bonus chapters 1 to 3 on: Numerology, Reversals and Card Combinations.   Also included are Bonus chapters 4 to 7 with ideas on applying your tarot knowledge. 

A (color) Quick Reference Chart for the Major and Minor Arcana can be found in the corresponding chapters.  This is perfect for those who are learning tarot.

Each of the 78 Tarot Cards has a Description, Key Words and Quotes.
The Descriptions are expanded to show how they may relate to:
Career- Personality Types - Relationships - Spirituality – Wellbeing

Next is a list of Suggested Card Combinations and the description of what the card would mean when reversed. 

We are then given two more Suggested Card Combinations for Reversed Cards.

To put this plain and simple: 
This E Book covers it all, and it covers it thoroughly. 
There are 25 - 3 Card Spreads to explore and my favorite part is the very last part of the book where Biddy gives us some final advice.  I love the style of this book and I like Biddy’s warm and comfortable way of teaching.

There is a Companion Workbook available to go with The Ultimate Guide to Tarot!
You can view a sample of this here:

From Biddy Tarot Website:

Take your Tarot knowledge and expertise to a whole new level with The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings - Companion Workbook.
The Companion Workbook is a fully interactive PDF that allows you to write, edit and save your very own Tarot card meanings. It follows the same structure as The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings including upright and reversed meanings, Tarot card combinations and context-specific interpretations such as relationships, career and spirituality.
The Companion Workbook is your all-in-one Tarot Journal and is the perfect addition to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings. By writing and recording your own interpretations of the Tarot cards, you will take your understanding and knowledge of the cards to a whole new level!

I think this is a fantastic way to learn the tarot or expand on your knowledge.  The Workbook is impressive and I love that it’s interactive!  Usually a downloadable journal or workbook must be printed out with no way to save anything you’ve typed.  You see!  She’s thought of everything!

To Order the Ultimate Guide to Tarot and the Companion Workbook
Go here:

To order The Ultimate Guide to Tarot and The Companion Workbook:



  1. Thanks for a great review! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed reading the Guide and using the Workbook!

  2. Thank YOU Biddy! This was a pleasure!