Friday, November 4, 2011

The Gathered Soul- The perfect journal!

The Gathered Soul: A Collection of Your Cosmic Influences and Sacred Rhythms
5×8 wire bound 190 pgs.
SPECIAL $12.95 preorder price!
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"This journal was conceived by Cathy Lynn and is published as a joint project between Smash Cake Press and Cathy Lynn Tarot."
"Smash Cake Press is a small, eclectic publishing company near Nashville."

The Gathered Soul: A Collection of Your Cosmic Influences and Sacred Rhythms is the perfect journal!

I’ve been searching for years for the perfect journal…not too small-I’m left handed and some journals are too awkward for me-not too “girly”-I’m not that into pink and fluffy stuff.  This is just what I’ve been searching for!  This journal is spiral bound so there are no pages flipping up while you write.
The pre order price of 12.95 fits my budget perfectly!
What impressed me most?  Two pages in the front of the book: “How to use this journal”  There are some great ideas in these two short pages along with permission to use the journal in any way you like.  I’m not sure if anyone else has been faced with a bunch of blank pages and didn’t know where to start but, this made me feel comfortable and I was able to begin journaling right away.
Making this Journal mine:
I usually use a wide point pen with black ink for all of my writing, the pages in this journal are gray and this gave me a reason to use colored pens!  This is a simple way to reflect my mood or just make my pages more interesting.
I write fairly large and even with a wide point pen my journal stays nice and neat.  The space allotted for writing is perfect.

The next thing I adore about this journal is that it fits into my bag.  I use a messenger bag instead of a traditional handbag and things tend to get jumbled up-this journal fits perfectly in the outside pocket so it’s always easy to get to when I have a few minutes to write while waiting in the car.   I’ve been keeping it with me at all times and having a blast using it in those moments when I need to write a quick note to myself about an idea, a fragment of a dream that I’ve just remembered or to describe something cool I’ve seen.  This has also encouraged me to get back to pulling a tarot card each day!

The journal lasts for 90 days if you use it daily.  You can easily reorder online and I’m already imagining a special place to store these when they’re full.  (I’m picturing special boxes for this.)

I recommend this to everyone!
If you’ve never journaled why not start now?
It’s relaxing, inspiring and good for you too!
You also get this cool bookmark!

More information….

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Helpful Hints…
I’ve found a few ideas for journaling that you might enjoy.

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Let me know if you purchase one of these:  I would love to hear your ideas!

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