Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy Tarot Reading: The Process Revealed in Ten True Readings

Easy Tarot Reading: The Process Revealed in Ten True Readings
Josephine Ellershaw
Llewellyn Publications 
ISBN-10: 0738721379
I was gifted with this book after doing a Tarot Today radio show where Josephine Ellershaw was the guest.  I was immediately taken by her descriptions of the book and what it was like to take on a project this big.  Shortly after the show I received the book.
I’m behind in getting my thoughts on this wonderful book into a post that can be shared with everyone because of not feeling well for an extended period of time.  The good part of being stuck in bed is more time to read!  This is an amazing book!  I haven’t read Easy Tarot so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  In the first few pages I realized what a commitment Josie had made to this book!  I cannot imagine undertaking a project this large.  I was worried that I would need to read her first book in order to understand this one but, that was not the case at all. 
Three Spreads are used throughout the book The Anchor, The Life-Spread and The Celtic Cross.  What you will see is ten readings done for ten real people explained in detail with information that will make you a better tarot reader.  Looking through Josie’s eyes you see how she reads the cards and it allows you to make connections that you may not have seen before.  I’ve never seen a book like this and I can’t stop saying its brilliant!  All manner of seeker is addressed in the readings with special tips on what to do and things to think about.  At the end of the book there is a Summery of all of the readings.  All of the layouts for the spreads are provided so you can practice this yourself. 
I would recommend this book to every tarot reader.  The amount of information you can gain by following along in this book is priceless.  Easy Tarot Reading will help you put all of the pieces of the puzzle of tarot together and help you become a better tarot reader.


  1. Reading tarot can guide you in making decisions and plans. This will help you think through things before you actually make your decision final.

  2. I've come to depend on tarot as a guide! Can't imagine what I did without it. :-)