Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Simply Deep Tarot


Chanel Bayless, Artwork by James Battersby
ISBN: 9780764339844

Description From AMAZON
A Rider Waite-style, 78-card Tarot deck designed to help a reader immediately connect with traditional meanings of the cards. Using a basic viewpoint, these vibrantly painted cards implore you to delve deeper on an emotional level, yet still supply interesting little nuances about everyday life. 

The concept of Simply Deep Tarot is very intriguing to me as it is a way to help us understand where it is we’re pulling our energy from when we do a reading.  Chanel has explained this thoroughly in the booklet that comes in the boxed set.   Tarot readings are to be done in a “detached” way but many have a problem removing their own emotional reactions, she explains how to ground the lower charkas in order to access only the upper charkas in a reading.  As a Reiki Master I find this a brilliant and refreshing look at tarot reading.
 Chanel has explained the steps in a way that is easy to follow and suitable for anyone who wants to “Go Deep” with tarot.
The art: subtle details will jump out at you when used to do the exercise from the booklet; yet the images are very comfortable to look at. 

I recommend this deck to anyone who wants to work on their personal journey using the tarot.  Chanel is a fantastic teacher and James Battersby’s images are the perfect companion to Chanel’s insightful observations.  I can’t wait to sit down and “Go Deep” with this deck!


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  1. this deck looks good, if we can extracttarot card meanings from it that's the most important!