Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Tarot for Magical Times

Tarot for Magical Times
by Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig
Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN 13:  978-1-57281-720-3
ISBN 10:  1-57281-720-8

The focus of Tarot for Magical Times is the Tower Card and the many different messages we can receive from this dreaded card.
The authors of this book have brilliantly given us a look at the times we are living in right now by exploring the Tower card and Astrology. 
The book is divided into three sections:  Tarot-Tool of Change, Readings and Practical Advice and Tarot for Magical Times.
One of the things that make this book so interesting is that each author chose the Tower (card 16) of the Tarot as the focus-without knowing that each person had chosen the same card!  What you get is a thorough understanding of the Tower and a very interesting look at the 36 decans of Astrology.  This is a book of understanding and empowerment that can help us to face our own fears as well as make sense out of the events happening all around us. Using a daily one card spread and following the descriptions and actions given in this book will open your mind to new possibilities and uncover more information than you ever thought imaginable. 
(This review has been revised so many times that it’s taken me too long to get it out-the reason for this is simply that I’m torn between discussing all the details of this book and not giving the whole thing away!  I’ve decided on giving you the basics and encouraging you to buy this book for yourself, I don’t think it matters if you’re a beginner or a Master Tarot reader…the book is interesting, filled with enlightenment and can be used as reference for many years to come.)
The knowledge that Rachael Pollack, Johannes Fiebig and Ernst Ott have shared here is a masterpiece and I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand our current times.

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