Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mar goes to New York… The Hotel-I Arrive

This is a big hotel…it’s not the Motel 6 I’m used to! I walk through the doors and ReeNee is waiting for me.  That was so comforting!  She’s showing me where the room is and explaining how stuff works, where things are and I don’t know what all!  We were chatty!
I want to change clothes, I feel so grubby after two dirty airplanes and two airports full of germs.  Now it’s time to come down to the lobby to see what’s going on...
Jude Alexander! OMG, there she is…the tiniest little powerhouse you can imagine!  She’s absolutely a delight to talk with and she wants to play the Travel Edition of The Tarot Game!...with me?  Wow oh wow…oh wow!

Katryna Wynn is playing too!  Another OMG!  I have totally been in awe of her work forever!  And here she is, sitting to my right, playing the Tarot Game with us!!!!

She’s the nicest lady with very calm and steady energy!  I like her a lot.
So, ReeNee’s to my left, Katryna to my right and Jude is across the table.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  And then there’s someone taking pictures…I know have to face the fact (already) that there will be pictures of me…and I’m not looking like myself at all.  I have no hair-because I went for a “trim” the night before- and I’ve gained so much weight that I don’t even recognize myself anymore.  I have to deal with this and I’m aware of the thoughts around me…yes, I can pick up all on of that stuff…especially when you’re in the same room with me.  The people at this table were not the source and before I could let myself find the source, I shut it off.  In fact, it was at this very moment that I shut it all off-I put on my “cloak” and buttoned it up tight.  More about this stuff later…
The game ends and I had so much fun playing!  There is no one at home to play the Tarot Game with me!  This has been a fantastic experience already-and I’ve only been there for a couple of hours!
I decide to smoke and call home.  I was missing Bill already and I wasn’t expecting to feel that way so soon.  Who knows what I said to him, I was a little wound up and probably talking a mile a minute!

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