Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mar goes to New York… I meet many people!

The smoking lounge (um, a bench outside) turns out to be a great place to hang out!  Sounds stupid but, there’s more smokers than you know!  I don’t want to mention names and all of that because maybe it’s private…I don’t know and I don’t want anyone to be “outed” because of me. 
I took pictures of all sorts of random things both inside and outside. That’s what I do and why should New York be any different?
In the lobby I was looking around and I could see people that I recognized from books, blogs and radio shows.  Many people were going to Wald’s Study Group so the lobby crowd thinned out-I decided to get my laptop and come back down, I had fully intended to start blogging right away.  It ended up way different! I met the ladies from The Boston Tea Room…yes, they read for THE Boston Tea Room!  I get into fast conversation with Deborah and before I know it, the laptop is closed and I’m not interested in anything except what we’re talking about.  Funny how that works huh?
I kept forgetting to mention Attune Magazine! And I was wondering why this kept slipping my silly brain…soon I found my business cards and when appropriate, I passed them out to anyone who would have them!  I’m always looking for fresh articles and this was the perfect place to let others know what I do and all of that. 
This brought up another issue I hadn’t given enough thought to: WHAT is IT that I do?  Hmm…you always want to keep this short, people don’t have all day for you to explain your many roles in various places!  Many people there already associated my name with The Tarot Guild so, that was easy…but Attune is still fairly new.  I got it down to a two short sentences of what it is that I do-no it didn’t cover everything but, it was a start!
 One of the finest moments was meeting Marcia McCord. Yes, I’ve been a groupie of hers since the very first time I read one of her fantastic stories online.  She’s amazingly talented and her witty conversation is beyond enjoyable.  I sat at the same table many times during the weekend and I feel so lucky to be more acquainted with her. 
Sharon Ford was another surprise for me! This lady knows her stuff!  She was the most amazing source of information and good energy all weekend long!  I know we will keep in touch and I feel she’s going to be involved with something I’m planning for the near future.  Sometimes you just know these things. 

Sharon Ford
James Fane-Gladwin

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