Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mar goes to New York… Introduction to the Journey!

This will be a series of posts as I try to cover all the events leading up to and including my first trip to Readers Studio.  I didn’t count on it taking me a full week to process this experience and I’m still working at my notes trying to re capture the feeling of each moment. 
For many people flying to another state for an event is old hat, for me it was a matter of forcing myself to face several fears and also, move past insecurities related to the way I look now.
When I started to think seriously about going it occurred to me that this WAS the year! 2012 would have significance for me!  The series of events leading up to that moment when I went to The Tarot School’s website and clicked the Pay button didn’t seem very “significant” until later…much later.   There had been a radio interview where I asked Wald questions and he answered them all in the way only Wald Amberstone can.  The energy from Ruth Anne and Wald made me aware that they would do everything they could to make sure each of their guests had a rewarding and fantastic time.  Speaking with Wald made me think about things that happened at other events I’ve attended-non of these tarot related and I realized that this would somehow be different.  I don’t think I ever tried to create an expectation of how Readers Studio would be; I only knew that I was supposed to be there in the year 2012.  Over the course of the interview I got a clear vision of a path with some sort of light shining to show me where to walk. I’ve never tried to analyze the visions I occasionally get but, I’ve learned to pay attention when I’m shown something this clear.
The money is a great concern for so many who attend and just like most people this was a stretch of the budget for me.  As it turned out, the money was there…just waiting for a purpose.   

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