Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mar goes to New York… My Boss:

With the confirmation from the Amberstone’s I now had to start thinking about transportation.  I live four hours from New York but can’t imagine driving this far alone. I don’t drive more than a few miles a day.  After discussing it with Bill and searching out all of the options I was able to find a flight that I could afford and I paid for this on a Sunday. Going into work the next morning I penciled in my vacation days on the calendar my boss uses for this purpose.  Imagine my shock when I was informed that I could not have those days off!  Knowing that no one else was scheduled off I immediately got very angry and pretty much told him that I was going, it was paid for, it was non refundable.  The subject was dropped for a day or two and then I heard a meandering bunch of bullshit about it being the busy season, no one to cover for me…blah, blah, blah. 
  I reminded him that we haven’t had a busy season since the 90’s and I was pretty sure since he’s the expert in all things he could handle me being absent for three days.  Needless to say, the tension was pretty high right up until my first day off!  I heard rumors and whispers that he would fire me and I made sure it got right back to him that intimidation won’t work on me.  When the rumors stopped he began to micromanage more than usual so, I countered this by asking him the simplest questions about doing a job that I know better than him!  Seriously, he wants to be seen as the “expert” so, I kept up with the “what should I do now”, “do you want me to start this next” and all of those things that I know better than he does.  For me, it was hilarious!  For him, I don’t know…it seems like he enjoyed being asked stupid things - until he realized that I was actually making fun of him in my own way-without being aggressive.  Working near this man is like working next to the most self absorbed, chaotic energy you can imagine.  He truly feels that he’s smarter than everyone, better than everyone and above all, he thinks somehow I owe him something.  I’m not sure how a person becomes this narcissistic; I just know that if I chose to, I could show him daily just how inferior he really is.  The reality is his mental health problems are not really my concern.
Anyway, this tension continued until I clocked out Wednesday afternoon.  I sat in my car for a good ten minutes and concentrated on removing all the bad energy and the strings that attached them to me.  Grounding and clearing are your friends! Always remember that.

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