Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mar goes to New York… The packing:

Some of you have only just met me for the first time at Readers Studio so you cannot know just how much weight I’ve gained in the last year.  I have a very small amount of clothes that fit me and most of these are work clothes-not suitable for anywhere else.
The amount of frustration I went through was beyond comprehension!  I had to buy at least enough clothes to go anywhere beyond the local grocery store.  I’m not one for shopping for clothes…in fact I dislike it very much!  Then there was the shoe shopping.
Even though Ruth Anne and Wald stressed “dress comfortably” I was pretty sure they didn’t mean “hang out in your P.J.’s all day”.  Everything I brought home met the “eyebrow” or “smirk” from the man in my life!  I gave up “show and tell” with him and moved onto Haley for her opinion. 
Then came the packing of the clothes, shoes, tarot decks, notebooks, and make up…all those things that girls need to travel!  My one suitcase was not large enough to hold everything!  I had to borrow one from one of my children’s friends.  I’m grateful I didn’t have to go out and buy one on such short notice.  Another frustrating task was deciding what to take-but, when you only have one suitcase to fill…you know, the essentials are all you can fit into the bag!
I wanted to take my laptop because I would feel very lost without it…it’s my security blanket and my connection to the rest of the world!   I ended up with a suitcase, carry on bag (lap top) and a very large purse.  I was not able to lift the suitcase myself!  Wheels are a wonderful thing on luggage! 
I always feel rushed when going anywhere-doesn’t matter where.  I was so beyond rushed for getting out the door to the airport that I ended up forgetting some things.
Not a big deal as it turned out but, this is what happens every time I go somewhere.

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