Sunday, May 20, 2012

REVIEW: Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot
Lisa Hunt

“Ghosts and spirits from legend and lore”
Another surprise from U.S. Games!  There was a time when I spent many hours searching for a way to understand the activity that was happening in my house.  Like it or not, we share our world with spirits.
This is a 79 card deck. 22 Majors, 56 Minors and a bonus card are waiting for you to explore. Lisa included the bonus card for questions that require deeper reflection.
The cards are glossy and perfectly sized.  Many of the images have an ethereal feel to them and the colors are pastel and non-jarring to the eye.
What do you see in the Bonus Card?

Two cards have been renamed: The Hierophant is “The High Priest” and The Devil is “Chains”.  All other cards have the traditional names. 

The lwb has quite a lot of information and you’ll want to keep it handy while using your deck.  You will find the name of the ghost or spirit associated with each card, the story related to the spirit and then a divinatory meaning.  There are no reversed meanings given in this lwb.  The divinatory meanings are not the standard list of keywords you sometimes find in lwb’s, these are thought provoking descriptions that will deepen your understanding of the images on each corresponding card.
The “Realm of the Spirits” Five Card Spread in the lwb looks like a fantastic way to get to know this deck.  Each position is explained and a diagram of the layout is shown. 

 The images in this deck took me some time to absorb and I enjoyed the process immensely.  Each image has many things going on and by taking the Majors one at a time, with the lwb in hand, I was able to see many details I might have otherwise missed.  Should the extra card come up in a reading the image is fluid enough to take on many meanings and it’s meant to work just that way.  I admire Lisa Hunt’s artistic style as well as her ability to convey the feeling of each spirits story as it relates to our lives.
Each card has a small border and I liked the feeling the border gave me, it made me feel that everything was “contained” and therefore safe. 
The overall “feel” of this deck could be considered “dark” except that by using soft colors, Lisa has made it thought provoking instead of dark and scary.  You can view the proof sheet of the deck here:

The only thing more I would have liked to see in the lwb is advice on working with Spirits.  I think when we open these doors we need to have an understanding of how to ground and keep ourselves safe.  I of course may be overly cautious but, it’s worth mentioning. 
Remember to keep your lwb handy as you become acquainted with Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, it will provide you with much useful information for interpreting your cards. There is also a Limited Edition available on Lisa Hunt’s Website:
Lisa Hunt also has a Blog here: